How to buy and sell crypto with ZebPay?

In most cases, crypto investors cannot keep up with the changes. Moreover, the volatile nature of these coins can adversely affect your crypto assets over time. But what if you get a solution to this problem! One such way will be highlighted here, so that you too can run with the winds of change in the crypto world. Now you can buy or sell crypto, much faster than any other activity.

If your crypto exchange is ZebPay, now you can get this benefit too. Thanks to the platform’s QuickcTrade feature, crypto investors can now buy and sell any crypto asset with zero-transaction fees. Let’s see how exactly this will work.

Open Book Transaction vs Quick Trade

Let’s first understand how open book transactions and Quick Trade are different from each other. The first system works mainly according to the rules of supply and demand theory between buyers and sellers. As a result, if you are trying to buy or sell a particular asset at a particular price when it ‘falls in price’, you may have to wait until your request is matched by supply or demand.

Quick Trade reduces this waiting period and matches both buy and sell orders quickly without taking any extra time. Another great advantage of Quick Trade is zero transaction fees with no strings attached. This will make buying and selling crypto assets much more attractive.

ZebPay’s Quick Trade

To use Quick Trade, select the crypto pair you are interested in buying or selling and place an instant order for it on ZebPay. Exchange will validate all your details and bank account after receiving your order.

ZebPay will also verify things like rates and circuit limits to protect users from sudden price fluctuations and any unexpected surprises. As a result, it will be possible to avoid all kinds of unwanted incidents during the transaction phase of your Quick Trade order. After this stage is successfully completed, the buy or sell order will be successfully executed and you will immediately see it in your account.

What, buying or selling your favorite crypto assets just got easier!

How to use Quick Trade

After learning about these benefits, learn how you can benefit from using Quick Trade. Open the ZebPay app and go straight to the Quick Trade section.

From there, you need to go through two quick and easy steps to complete this entire process. This applies to both buying and selling crypto assets. If you want to buy crypto, enter the amount of crypto you want to buy or the amount in Indian rupees according to its price. Now click on the Quick Trade button and then you can check the trade summary. Verify the details you see on the screen there and complete the transaction by entering your security pin.

If want to sell crypto, enter the amount of coins you want to sell or the amount in Indian Rupees according to its price. Now press the Quick Sell button and verify all the details by going to the trade summary section. Confirm the transaction by entering your security pin, nothing more.

Sometimes, you may get the error message, “Price offered has expired. Please reorder to receive the new price.” If there is a price change after you place your order, you will receive this message. That means you have to place the order according to the changed price to make the transaction successful. Anytime the user enters the app and looks at the top right side, they can see Quick Trade.

Currently ZebPay can apply Quick Trade to tokens like BTH, ETH and MATIC.

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