What Is Call Tracking

If you’ve never heard of call tracking software before, you might think that it’s used by the contact center to keep reps on-script or for helicopter parents to keep tabs on wayward teenagers.

While your contact center may use call tracking to monitor call quality, it’s different than the technology that marketers use to get attribution for calls and data to optimize campaigns. And I’m pretty sure teenagers don’t use phones for calling their friends, so you’re not going to find anything juicy there, dad. Maybe check Snapchat or something.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s dig into what call tracking software is and how it works for marketers.

What is Call Tracking Software?
Call tracking software allows marketers to get data from phone conversations with customers that can prove exactly what marketing campaign or tactic drove the phone call and what the result of the call was. For example, if you call a business that is using call tracking, they can tell what ads, web pages, and even the keywords that helped drive you to call.

And once you’re on the phone, conversational analytics can be used to analyze the language used in the call to tell if you bought anything, got a quote, made an appointment — or what marketers like to call a “conversion.” You can then use the data to get attribution for marketing campaigns, optimize ads, web pages, social media, and other advertising mediums to get more high-value customers on the phone.

Without call tracking, it’s impossible to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts that drive sales calls because your data trail goes cold when potential customers pick up the phone.

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?
Cloud-based call tracking software like Invoca enables marketers to tie customers’ digital journeys to phone calls using online data collection via unique, trackable phone numbers. Invoca’s call tracking and analytics are made possible with a website tag. The tag is a snippet of JavaScript code placed on your website that automatically replaces standard, static phone numbers with trackable, dynamic phone numbers that are unique to each site visitor. These dynamic numbers act as a unique identifier for an individual’s website session.

Beyond managing dynamic phone numbers, the Invoca tag also captures other data, such as UTM source, medium, paid search keyword, and Google ClickID. Additional customer journey data like page visitation and unique customer identifiers are captured from the browser cookie.  With this data, you can understand exactly which marketing tactics are driving your high-value phone calls.

When a person calls an Invoca-supplied phone number, the call is routed through the Invoca platform to a call center, local agent, or any other destination. This allows Invoca to aggregate the digital data and tie the callers’ previous activity to the phone call. This happens nearly instantaneously with no interruption to the caller experience.