Big shock in cryptocurrency market, huge wealth wiped out in one day

New means of investment. much profit Easy transaction. Such advantages are said about cryptocurrency. Many people around the world use cryptocurrencies for investment. The most known name in this world is Bitcoin. But apart from Bitcoin there are several other cryptocurrencies in which many invest. This time it collapsed.

The second largest cryptocurrency in the world is Ethereum (Ethereum). It ranks second only to Bitcoin. This time there was also a collapse.

24 hours at the bottom:

The price of Ethereum has fallen by 20 percent in the last 24 hours. The collapse of cryptocurrency (cryptocurrency) around the world has investors on their hands. Experts believe that many investors are selling their cryptocurrency as the price has been falling continuously for the past few days. As a result, the market collapsed.

Where and how much collapse:

Not only Ethereum, but also Bitcoin has fallen in price. The price of Bitcoin has fallen to the lowest level in the last year and a half. The price of Bitcoin fell below $26,000 on Thursday morning. Even though it got up a little later, it could not go back to the previous place. Ethereum also suffered a major collapse. This is the first time that the price of Ethereum has fallen below two market dollars. This is the first major decline in the cryptocurrency since July 2021. The situation is such that USD 200 billion assets have been wiped from the cryptocurrency market in just one day.

Push stock market too:

Not just the cryptocurrency market. The US stock market also collapsed. Several major stocks fell in the US stock market. Inflation has increased more than what was thought in America. The highest in the history of last 40 years. His shock went to the stock market.

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